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New building

To buy a new building presents advantages over an old building. The accommodation is ready to be lived in upon delivery and does not require any work either in the immediate future or in the years to come. Therefore, there are no additional costs to anticipate in your budget. In the case of a sale of a property to be finished in the future (VEFA), the warranties cover you against possible defects or construction defects.

Housing in compliance with regulations

The new buildings are systematically built in compliance with thermal regulations 2012 (RT 2012). You will then benefit from an optimised energy consumption thanks to good insulation and low- energy equipment to heat, cool or light the home.

The notary fees for a new building are from 2 to 3 % of the sale price (on average from 6 to 8 % to an old property). Moreover you can have tax refunds on a rental investment if you invest in the new.